Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stealth Vision Hats: Hiding Hunters' Eye Movement

Stealth Vision Hats Booney
Any type of movement can be detrimental when effectively utilizing camouflage. It can be much easier to control the majority of your body when laying in wait, but there some movements such as blinking or involuntary eye movement.

Some animals have a much more keen sense of sight and also spook very quickly when picking up on such out of the norm signals for flight. 

North Mountain Outdoor Supplies think they have the answer to this problem with their see through mesh brimmed hats that allow those using it to keep an eye on the hunt while concealing automatic eye responses.

The companies owner provides a great video overview of how the hat works for its intended use. The hunting caps are available in many popular hunter's camouflage patterns including Realtree's Trademark AP, APG, AP HD Snow, Hardwoods HD, and Max-4. They also have boony hats as seen in the photo above which include all camo options except for the Hardwoods. 

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