Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SOD PenCott Combat Pants Ready to Go

It was great for us to get these shots from Hyde Definition of the PenCott™ Multi-Environment Camouflage on finished products, in all three patterns. The photo below shows the SOD Combat Line Para One Pants 1.2 all bagged up and ready to ship for orders. The pants shown are in the three PenCott Colorways, including GreenZone, Sandstorm, and Badlands from top to bottom.

SOD Gear designs the Para One Pants 1.2 in a combat ready 50/50 NYCO material with Ripstop weave. We particularly like the double button enclosure. Some of the highlighted features include diagonal placed pockets near the waist with an ergonomic easy enter design that they suggest can fit some holsters or additional padding. They are secured at the opening with elastic to keep them flush and keep any items inside. The cargo pockets at the thigh are large enough for ample storage and carry a low profile and secured inside the top flap with two button slot closures.

Special attention was given for plenty of room in the rear so the pants don't tighten up on you when seated or in the squat position. It is not shown here but the trousers come equipped with knee pad pockets with removal pads included. The knee pads are made with insulated material and the pockets as well as the stitching near them are reinforced for high intensity activity associated with this region of the pants. The leg holes have built in elastic attached to a pull cord to be tightened to fit.

SOD Para One Pants 1.2 PenCott Badlands
While we don't have price points for these particular pants, they retail in the MultiCam version for 139 Euro, which at the current rate of exchange hovers around $200. This may seem like a hefty price tag to some, but Italians are known for their attention to detail when it comes to design and have a  comparable price to a pair of Crye Precision Combat Pants sans knee pads. Those that are looking for the latest and greatest are willing to fit the bill on a premium pair of combat pants. We will have more info for you when we get our hands on the real deal.

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