Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Predator Intelligence Launches Store

SORD USA A-TACS Operator's Cap
Adding to our high quality tactical products at and, we now bring you some of the most exceptional tactical gear and clothing at our new store 

We have provided the Ares Armor Combat XII Pack and SORD USA Smock to many happy customers at So, with much revelry we are offering many more items from their expansive tactical clothing and military gear selection in A-TACS and MultiCam Camouflage.

For our launch we have rolled out some of their latest packs, hydration carriers, chest rigs, slings, uniforms, and are proud to be the first to bring you the SORD USA Operator's Cap seen here in A-TACS and also available in MultiCam.

SORD MultiCam Patrol Day Pack
Most products offered at will feature A-TACS and MultiCam Camouflage as standard options for all tactical gear and accessories. SORD USA products will also feature DPCU or AUSCAM as they initially started in Australia, before opening their new US facilities in Kentucky. Some standard tactical colors are offered on most items including Black, Coyote, and SORD Base Color (SBC - Similar to Coyote).

After our initial launch we will be adding many more existing products from Ares Armor and SORD USA, as well as some more great military gear that is in the works from both companies. We will also retain our focus of offering the most competitive pricing in the industry to bring these high quality products to our customers with a great value, easy to navigate online store, and best service. 

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