Monday, June 6, 2011

Power of FLIR and U.S. Military Surveillance

With too many casualties created from I.E.D attacks, we thought this was a great video showing what countermeasures have been put in place to combat those placing the explosives. It is definitely NSFW and not for the faint of heart. FLIR is a great technology utilized by our military as well as police forces to track enemy combatants and runaway criminals by picking up on their heat signature.

This video shows that if they don't get you the first time, the ultimate tool when combined with an eye in the sky. Of courses this same technology could get into the hand of the enemy so counter measures can be taken to camouflage troops with NIR Compliant Uniforms. The same could be said for making sure that such uniforms don't get in the wrong hands rendering such technology useless. 

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  1. NIR compliance is a different thing and won't help here.