Saturday, June 18, 2011

PenCott Camouflage M43 Caps

Just a few days after the U.S. Army Camouflage Solicitation stopped receiving responses, Hyde Definition has released "teaser" photos of these M43 Style Caps in the PenCott family of patterns. The M43 caps are manufactured by Slangvel. The colorways seen here are Badlands, Sandstorm, and Green Zone running from top to bottom. The original M43 Caps were worn by the German Gebirgsjaeger during WWII and popularized by the Afrika Corps. The current design is based on a derivative currently worn by the Bundeswehr and is a very interesting design choice for the new production run of the Pencott Pattern. 

M43 PenCott Collection
Hyde Definition also released an extremely close up view of an S.O.D. uniform garment in the Green Zone PenCott Colorway. You can also seen the camouflage's namesake printed on the fabric. Partnering with the Italian Uniform and Nylon Gear manufacturer looks to be playing out well with a quick turnaround for production. It will be great to see the PenCott pattern colorways amidst Italian Vegetato and Desertico camouflage options, which are currently available for S.O.D. uniform and gear products. 

PenCott Uniform in Green Zone Colorway
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