Friday, June 24, 2011

Oregon State Police in Crye MultiCam Camouflage

Much like their neighbors to the south in California, Oregon State Police are conducting Marijuana grow busts wearing MultiCam Uniforms. It is becoming a popular camouflage for tactical operations and it looks like it has made its way to Law Enforcement Officers in the Pacific Northwest whom took down the largest Marijuana grow site in the State's History. 

Mexican drug cartels have been known to create grow sites in the thick forests of our national parks system. This is a great means of hiding the operations while being in close proximity to transport the end product to the key buyers within the United States. To say this can be a public nuisance is an understatement. Not only can this put unsuspecting nature enthusiasts at risk by coming upon these illegal grow sites, but also put the forests at risk from unattended camp fires or other land alterations from this type of farming. 

The Wallowa County Chieftan reported that bear hunters came across the site and reported to officials. It can be assumed that they did not come in contact with the growers who had semi-automatic weapons onsite. We have our surplus of illegal operations taking place in the deserts of Arizona, so it is quite interesting to see that the criminal activity is spreading much further North from south of the border. 

While the origin of those arrested is not reported,nor should we jump to any conclusions. However, these type of activities are quite similar to those taking place in the forests of California, which do have confirmed ties to illegal Mexican industries bringing some agricultural business to the US. You can view the full story in the news report below along with additional photos of Police Officers in MultiCam from the site. 

Photo by Oregon State Police

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