Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Magi-Cam Camouflages by Reflecting Surroundings

Mirrors have a great place in the world of camouflage. BBC Earth has found a way to utilize the reflections from its new Magi-Cam to conceal the recording equipment mounted to a track based moving robot. Two way mirrors are able to hide the watchful eye while at the same time not block its view. The robot seems quiet when parked and its track can easily be placed behind foliage to hide its "non-camo" parts. 

While moving the Magi-Cam robot may become much less effective, due to its distorted reflection, and much louder operating noise. It also would need to be shaded well to avoid light from reflecting off the glass. This camouflage system certainly could prove to have great military application, even if this was not an intention that BBC Earth has considered. 

I could certainly see some of iRobot's military ground machines utilizing similar mirror systems to camouflage its surveillance equipment. The mirrors could definitely block functioning arms for other tasks, but two robots working in tandem may prove effective. One bot could provide a watchful eye, while the other moves in close behind for other tasks such as disarming roadside explosives or using weaponry to engage combatants. 

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