Friday, June 10, 2011

Kryon Terminator Strike Plate Armor

We have recently posted on Bourque Industries and their Aluminum Alloy Kryon metal which was used to develop a helmet that is lightweight and could withstand the impact of a round from a high powered rifle. However, it looks like their big target for jumping into the protection systems industry is with their Kryon Terminator Strike Plate Technology. With their new manufacturing facilities they plan to churn out 1 thousand armor plates per day. 

Police One recently reported that that Bourque Industries will have their Kryon Metal innovation tested by the National Institute of Justice, which will be one hurdle for reaching the big times in the Law Enforcement Officer protection industry.

If it does pass this testing phase and their alloy holds true, then they could have a high demand armor that is lighter than ceramic plates and can  be used multiple times since it does not degrade when put to task from multiple rounds. They also note that the material disperses the energy rather than take it full force at the site of impact. The plates are reversible and at least 30% lighter than those currently utilized by the industry. 

The Terminator Armor plates have already surpassed standards in various NIJ tests, so they are just looking to finalize the NIJ-06 ballistic armor certification to gain entry to the lucrative LEO market. Obviously if this effort gains speed, then they will get notice from the defense industry at large. 

Bourque also recently released their new venture in providing its Kryon armor protection for military vehicles. Their lightweight and multiple impact resistant Kryon metal armor can prove effective for helping build high performance combat ready transportation that can help protect troops from IED's. They are teaming up with Stealth Reconnaissance Assault and Transport Systems, build prototypes for the U.S Army's Joint Light Tactical Vehicle and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle programs. 

We don't actively seek out companies from Arizona, but with Bourque Industries based in Tucson, BAE Systems based in Phoenix, and a plethora of other tactical systems manufacturers spread out across the Valley, it is not hard to swing a stick and smack one in any direction. Perhaps there is a general atmosphere or mindset that breeds these types of tactical and defense innovations in the State. 

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