Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gunny SOG Knives Described by the Man

There are good knife reviews out there, but how are you going to pass up this video of R Lee Ermey giving an overview of his Gunny Series Knives from SOG. You have probably seen the man for your self at any major industry show and he certainly markets their products well. 

It also doesn't hurt when you an slap on a challenge coin with his likeness, which have high popularity these days, as well as a Gunny Approved Stamp. And when it comes down to it, SOG manufactures some great knives this series certainly appears at first look to fall in this premium blade category. The Folding Knife has a $500 price tag, and Fixed Blade will snag an additional $250 from your wallet. After waking from sticker shock you do realize you get a walnut box, certificate of authenticity, and only one-tenth of a percent of all knives manufactured in this style. 

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