Monday, June 20, 2011

Camouflage Promotions: Deception You Can Trust

Given the end product, it is rather ironic that some camouflage design companies are very secretive with their patterns and namesakes. However, it is a whole new ball game with major world powers actively pursuing private companies to provide concepts for their armed forces camouflage. Price points, new technology, and multiple terrains have provided camouflage design companies with many perplexing questions to answer when putting their best foot forward in providing the best overall product for what any defense force may be seeking. 

Roggenwolf has been one company that has been very blunt and out in the open when it comes to the camouflage patterns they are able to deliver. This has made it easy for us to present their product and inform our readers to their latest developments, which we are much appreciative. In the long run camouflage is all about deception. Tricking the human eye into thinking there is nothing of interest, when truly it is your mortal enemy hiding in wait is the ultimate goal of military camouflage. Lets just hope that we are on the end that is not being seen rather than the viewer being tricked. 

This is the goal of Roggenwolf and is carried forward in their promotional tools, including their challenge coins and patches that utilize their well aimed motto "Deception You can Trust". These also feature their "Rye Wolf" namesake image, as well as their trademark Rad Device as seen in the center of these items show hear. We think these are great promotional items given the focus of their military geared product and will be looking to send some out to readers soon. Just keep any eye out for your chance to win your own Roggenwolf Challenge Coin or Patch. 

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