Friday, June 24, 2011

Amendment II CRU Guardian: Bullet Proof Uniform

The Combat Ready Uniform is due to launch in about two weeks and promises to offer the best ballistic protection to the troops that is currently available on the market. Known as the CRU Guardian™, this ballistic resistant coat and trouser set are designed with multiple life saving features to provide a more comprehensive combat clothing protection system. 

The first line of protection for a the end user is a Flak Saddle that consists of four layers of ballistic resistant material which protects the groin region, rear, and down the thigh.There is also a Flak Saddle built into the CRU Shirt which runs along the armpit and side rib cage that is commonly exposed when wearing armor carriers. 

CRU Guardian Flak Saddle
In addition to bullet resistant fabric in these areas, the CRU also includes an upper leg ratcheting tourniquet system to cut off femoral bleeding from leg injury. These Halo Ties as they are called, consist of bands with an external port attached to tabs which can be removed when access to the bands are needed. When activated blood flow is cut off to stop bleed out from the injured area thus preventing immediate death from blood loss. 

Saving lives was the key focus when the Utah based Amendment II Combat Apparel Company designed this Combat Ready Uniform, but they also wanted it to have additional functions for its military aimed garment. The Genesis Pocket is a Cargo compartment built into the thigh region of the pants that is hidden by a velcro affixed flap. When you open the flap you find a Neoprene Payload Storage Pad (PSP) that is supported by Internal Weight Bearing Support Straps run up to the waist of the pants and can carry up to 100 pounds without sagging the pants.

The Genesis Pocket
The potential payload options you affix to the PSP can be customized to your specific needs. Obvious choices are a weapon's holster, first aid kits, or other essential tools for your mission. They can customize components for necessity and velcro or magnet systems are utilized for attachment to the PSP. 

We are still reviewing other aspects of this Combat Ready Uniform with Amendment II and will report on new findings, final price points, and other applications of the garments as they become apparent. Prototypes are currently shown in Universal and Desert Digital Camouflage, but the company has confirmed that any color our camouflage can be printed on the material.

The aim of this uniform is certainly intriguing and if its goals are achieved, then it can prove to be a very effective military clothing option for saving lives in the field of combat where many dangers can present themselves.When released the CRU Guardian™ will be available for purchase at the Bullet Proof Shop

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