Sunday, June 12, 2011

ACU Beret Out: No Fooling This Time

SEC Gates Awarding Purple Heart to CPT Mackinnon
Photo by DOD Cherie Cullen
The U.S. Army released a formal notice today stating that the Black Black Beret will no longer have to be worn with the Army Combat Uniform on base as standard. Patrol Caps can be worn in most work functions as the default headgear. 

We are sure this is to the relief of many Soldiers, as it was dually noted that the beret was one of the top uniform issues that gained consistent consternation in Army chatter. The function of the beret is clearly limited and this was given as the core reason for its dismissal in use with the ACU, rather than a macho beauty contest ruling.

The beret will remain with the U.S. Army service uniform, so you won't see a complete send off to the island of misfit hats, nor will the Rangers return to being the sole user of said head gear. They also mention that from time to time command can still call for the beret to be utilized. This surely points to duties where form overrides the necessity of function. 

We think the U.S. Army did a great job in understanding the complaints of soldiers and putting them to task. No shade and a hot head from a sun absorbing cover sum up why it should have been done away with a long time ago. While not to be overshadowed another important change was included in the release. 

Name tapes, insignia, skill badges, etc. can now be sewn on to the Army Combat Uniform rather than utilizing the built in velcro. However, Combat, Unit, and U.S. Flag patches will remain velcro, so feel free to get sand or dirt in those causing you to drop such items. We have had many people calling in asking about buttoned pockets replacing the velcro on the ACU, and this too is making a gradual transition with better closures. All and all these are some big changes for a typically slow Sunday for Military Clothing news. 

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