Thursday, May 5, 2011

Warrior Expo WEST Photos

iRobot SUGV Ground Robot - Photo by ADS, Inc. 
Here are some of the great shots that ADS Inc. and Soldier Systems Daily have put up from the Warrior West Expo being held in San Diego today and yesterday.

We had covered the iRobot First Look ground Robot in a previous post. I thought this was a notable shot showing the SUGV ground robot which was a joint venture between Boeing and iRobot. 

I also see that they now have a full listing catalog of possible add-on accessories to modify the Packbot, which is yet another of their five ground robots. We provided the comprehensive accessories catalog below.

I am sure similar modifications and then some would be available for other bots. Interestingly the hand controller looks straight off a PlayStation. These are definitely some cool gadgets, but I am most interested in seeing a catalog with the weapons systems that you can slap on these bots. 
iRobot Accessories

Soldier Systems Daily provided an awesome shot of a reversible rain suite that has ABU Digital Tigerstripe camouflage on one side and MultiCam (OCP) on the opposite side. I could see this being a must have jacket for Airmen who want a rain coat for use in Afghanistan with their MultiCam ACU, but then turn it inside out for use in other areas of operation where the Airman Battle Uniform is to be worn.

This also reminded me of the USMC reversible HBT Fatigues from WWII that were shown recently at Strike-Hold! They had the Desert camo pattern on one side and the Woodland camouflage on the opposite. Not exactly a novel concept but we could certainly harken pack to the space age technology of the 1940's and provide our troops with uniforms that can easily be modified for different terrains, and also cut down on a necessity for multiple sets of clothing.

In a related photo, we got to see the Soldier Systems Daily morale patch we put up last week in action on a Tactical Tailor pack display. You can see it to the lower right on a MultiCam Modular Operator Pack. Hopefully we will see more of these floating around as giveaways on their site or Facebook fan page. 

Photo by ADS Inc.
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