Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scottish Soldiers Welcomed Home in Glasgow

We had recently featured the Royal Irish Soldiers returning from Afghanistan. How could we pass up this great shot of the 2nd Scots Battalion marching through Glasgow, Scotland on their return from Afghanistan. The Scottish soldiers are wearing the same MTP Camouflage Uniforms, as well as distinct white hackles in their Tam O'Shanter (cap). 

The hackle (feathers) is warn by soldiers from Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Scots have different colored feathers in their cap depending on the regiment.  These soldiers are Royal Highland Fusiliers and were part of a Security Sector Reform Group based in the Helmand Province. It is great to see a large turnout for parades like this and it was noted that there were definitely bagpipes present for the march. 

Photo by Mark Ownens, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011

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