Friday, May 13, 2011

Roggenwolf Warg Camouflage Hits the Road

If you have been following our camouflage design company posts, then you will definitely have seen the Roggenwolf Warg family of patterns. This MAN prime mover truck shown below will be utilized to test the scalability of Roggenwolf's proprietary Dwimor™ effect utilizing the Warg 5F‑PL™ Camouflage pattern.

Photo by SPECOPS Sp. z.o.o.
We had previously discussed Roggenwolf partnering with the Polish firm SPECOPS to produce the Warg™ family of camouflage patterns on military uniforms for to trial in the Polish Army's ISW Tytan Future Soldier Project. Warg camouflage was the first family of Roggenwolf patterns to benefit from Dwimor™, a proprietary process which challenges the ability of the unaided human eye to focus upon a pattern at closer ranges.

Something about which we have kept under the radar is that Dwimor is theoretically a scalable effect. This means that patterns like Roggenwolf Warg could also be suitable for vehicles, buildings, and aircraft. And the only reason we're mentioning it now is because a MAN prime mover, patterned in Warg 5F‑PL™, is likely to hit the roads of Central Europe in the near future.

The test vehicle was generously provided by PA‑KO. Established in 1994, PA‑KO has acquired a lot of military hardware from former Warsaw Pact countries, which the company then 'sanitises' for sale to collectors and enthusiasts. The Founder of Roggenwolf, Brad Turner notes that if they play their cards right, the next test vehicle could be something even more impressive.

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