Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rapid Access Magazine Pod: Fast Mag Loading

Rapid Access Magazine Pod
We came across this mobile magazine compartment from Gear4Grunts today, and were quite impressed with its innovative design. It definitely redefines the manner of carrying your spare magazines and provides for easy and quick access reloads. 

The design is a pretty common sense concept, but it seems a lot of the new inventions have been born out of simplifying a product that hasn't been changed in decades. 

Here are some of the key points highlighted for using the Rapid Access Magazine Pod (RAMP):

  • Facilitates rapid reload while securely holding and protecting the magazine.
  • Permits the solder to keep their eye on the target while reloading.
  • Protects rounds in the magazine from the elements which reduces potential weapon systems problems
  • Retains the magazine with a high grade, stainless steel, wear bar which provides for quick release of magazine when needed
The RAMP is designed to hold all 20 and 30 round 5.56 Magazines. It easily clips on to MOLLE Equipment Webbing, Lightweight, and retails for just over $20 during their pre-order phase. They are due to ship out this Summer after completing the first commercial production run. A great option for carrying spare magazines on your rigs or packs.

Full Details and Ordering are available at Gear4Grunts

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  1. I see it as another pouch, "gear nuts" will surely buy a few. Good for you Ranger! RLTW!