Tuesday, May 3, 2011 Launches Android App Today

If you are keeping score down on the range and you want to keep an easy record using your Droid Smart Phone or related device. The new app from is certainly worth the $4.99 for a quick sign up and download from the Android Marketplace. The new application from RANGELOG just hit the market today. 

Even if you don't keep record of your day out shooting, I think the fact that you can find nearby ranges and  in-depth details about that range is easily worth a five spot. We provided their video presentation so that you can see some of the unique features for the ultimate shooting enthusiast. I just hope it operates as good as the video shows, and any frozen screens don't result in any gun related phone fatalities. You can always wait a few days to see what reviews come in from fellow shooters. 

Android - Add Shot log Demo from chris macdonald on Vimeo

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