Monday, May 30, 2011

New Crye MultiCam Camouflage for Australian Troops

Photo by CPL Dickson of ISAFMEDIA

It was reported today in the Sydney Morning Herald that the Australian Department of Defense has signed a contract with Crye Precision to develop a new MultiCam pattern to the tune of over 3 Million dollars. 

The camouflage pattern will be different than that worn by those in the UK and US military, but the term MultiCam was utilized to describe the pattern, which gives the inclination that it will be similar in terms of colors utilized as well as the general pattern concept. 

It is no surprise that the Aussies would want a different pattern to distinguish themselves from fellow ISAF partners in Afghanistan that wear MultiCam style patterns. 

However, one can wonder if this will be the impetus for a full scale change from the unique AUSCAM pattern as shown in the photo to the right to other camouflage options outside of Afghanistan. 

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