Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Modular Tactical System: Wearable Computer for Combat

Black Diamond Advanced Technology has provided a full release on their new computer system that can be integrated into a plate carrier and runs on standard military batteries. The key factor for the creation of the Modular Tactical System (MTS) is to provide a means for a seamless transition from reviewing or inputting data in the field, to full combat readiness.

The Tactical Mission Controller TMC is the brains of the system and mounts to the rear of the vest or to a 3 Day Assault back via the MOLLE System. This holds all of the processing capability with an Intel Atom™ 1.1 or 1.6 GHz chip and up to 2 GB of memory.  It is covered with a plate that conceals thermals to reduce the chance for IR detection.

All wiring running from the TMC to the Universal Tactical Display in the front can be routed through a custom cummerbund used in conjunction with any plate carrier. An I/O hub for audio/video ports is provided for storage in a pouch or the cummerbund. The display is worn at the front of the plate carrier with a 6.5 inch touch screen that is viewable in direct sunlight or through night vision goggles.

BAE Systems and Eagle Industries have created armor carriers specifically configured to hold all equipment related to the Modular Tactical System and still provide full protection to the end user. However, the cummerbund and other simple items can be purchased to outfit existing plate carriers. The MTS also comes complete with a GPS Module that is mounted to your shoulder in a pouch for an unobstructed path to satellites.

While there is a growing lookout for technology that can be used in the field including Combat Aps that can be utilized on PAD or SMARTPHONE devices. This tactical gear integrated lightweight computer looks like a great way to transition a mobile force with lightweight computer systems, that are rugged enough to stand up to combat conditions and provide high processing power for complex mission specific programs.

We have provided the full data from Black Diamond on the Modular Tactical System below for you spec junkies. There is also more coverage on different customized gear available to store the different components of the MTS. 
Modular Tactical System

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