Friday, May 6, 2011

GQ Italy Camouflage Hottie Shoot

If you have traveled to Europe, you  already know that Euro Magazines can definitely get away with showing a lot more skin on the covers of mainstream publications, than what is allowed stateside. With camouflage and military inspired designs hitting the fashion scene, it is only natural that the world's top models will be putting on helmets with woodland camo covers and wearing very little of anything else.

Photo by GQ Italia vi Twitter
The video below shows some scenes from the latest GQ photo shoot of Israeli model Bar Rafaeli gearing up and taking one for the A-Team. I guess this could permit an NSFW rating, or you could just call it a day and start your weekend early with a viewing of this titillating tidbit. I may just have to get a subscription. That doesn't mean I have to learn Italian, right? 

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