Friday, May 6, 2011

Full Metal Jerky: Warrior Food

Anyone that has made jerky in the past knows that it can turn out to be a stunning success or a stunning failure. Like almost every brand of jerky out there, Full Metal Jerky started as a hobby with a passion for perfecting a great recipe and technique to make great jerky.

Ken discovered amazing ingredients that made the jerky so wonderful, and people have been bugging him ever since to send some home with them. After 15 years of dishing out freebies to friends, family, and their friends and family, Ken gained USDA approval and started JerkCo. Now you can enjoy what 95% of his customers claim is the most perfectly delicious jerky in the history of mankind. The other 5% must be vegetarians. 

His first jerky selection was branded as Bin Lami Salami™  ("Oh mama thats good Osama"™). The name was created in good fun. Many fans joined the Facebook Fan page to show their support for his great product. 

Since it first started being sold last year, many commercial brands were developed including ¡Ay Caramba! Beef Jerky, Ken's Chophouse Jerky, and finally Full Metal Jerky.

Full Metal Jerky has become the flagship brand for JerkCo LLC. The brand appeals to many market segments including military, bikers, hunters, gamers, and any one that appreciates a tasty meat product. Full Metal Jerky also had a limited run program to give away jerky free to soldiers, which drew our attention.

Fans simply entered the name of their favorite member of the armed forces with a military address. The site went viral and received thousands of hits over the course of several hours and the program became unsustainable at that level, but Ken remains committed to get funding to continue the program. You can support the cause by buying some amazing jerky for yourself or buying and sending some to a friend or family member in the armed forces at Full Metal

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