Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First MultiCam Eyewear on APEL Released

Revision has introduced their Tan 499 Desert Locust Goggle which features a MultiCam sleeve on the head strap and a MultiCam Carrying Case. It is unique in being able to match the Army Combat Uniforms and land on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List. However, they still have a tan frame and head strap. The ballistic performance is noted to carry the same ability as the standard goggle, so you are essentially getting a camo upgrade for the back of your noggin.

Revision Tan 499 Desert Locust Goggle with MultiCam
At $99.99, the pricing matches up with other Desert Locust Goggle options with a different colored sleeve and frame, so at least you are not going to have to pay a premium for the Camouflage upgrade. However, if you already spent some cash for the first pair, this may give some consternation in dishing out another C-Note  to move up with the MultiCam version. I guess thats what makes choice an fun evil in life. 

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