Sunday, May 15, 2011

Combat Safety Equipment Fail

There is a lot of gear warn by troops today that keep them safe in combat. The growing technology has provided armor, helmets; flame resistant, insect repelling, and NIR Signature management materials that are far better than what was previously provided in the past. 

Camouflage has certainly been one technique utilized on combat uniforms and personal equipment to evade notice from enemy forces and gain an upper hand. However, there are other directives passed down that may cause our troops to second guess their safety and question a counter-intuitive ideology for what is best in providing the ultimate in enemy evasion. 

One of these items is the reflective safety belts that are worn on many FOB's in Afghanistan, which can certainly help you from getting ran over by any vehicle when walking near or on a road road. However, me thinks that this device could certainly render any concealment from a camouflage uniform useless when this "Where's Waldo" beacon is spotted by enemy forces. 

Power Point Ranger certainly has a great way of getting the point across with a good Sunday Cartoon. 

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