Monday, May 9, 2011

Combat Pack Photos: MultiCam and A-TACS Comparisons

When we put up the Combat XII Pack with the matching webbing option for MultiCam and A-TACS, we had a huge rush of orders and had an immediate outflow in inventory before getting some key shots. We are finishing another production run and have more packs shipping out over the next week with this latest feature to fulfill existing orders. 

Here is a good side by side comparison for the two packs to show what the final product looks like when we swap the standard Coyote webbing with the new upgraded licensed A-TACS and MultiCam Camouflage webbing. This was our most popular option in the launch of the product despite the small premium for the licensed pattern.

Coyote is always a great go-to option for the webbing on tactical gear with these camouflage patterns, but we certainly feel the matching camo gives a better overall presentation for this pack. We just took these quick shots with a camera phone and threw them up, so no packing in the bags or fancy high def professional shots seen in this post.

MultiCam Combat XII Pack
A-TACS Combat XII Pack

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