Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cold Steel's Gladius Machete

There has been a good amount of buzz about this low cost beast, so I thought I would have a peek at its prowess. Turns out that I am quite impressed with the design and function tests of stabbing and chopping as shown in their youtube demos. Being an aficionado of Celts and the history of Spain and the Roman Empire, the Gladius Machete definitely made an impression. Plus we had a post today of some Scottish Soldiers returning home, so all the better.
The 19 inch sword-style blade is manufactured with 1055 Carbon Steel and has a baked on Matte Finish to allow for a long haul of use. The handle is made with a durable Polypropylene and has a hilt tipped pommel to complete the classic depiction of a Roman Short Sword. With its extra wide blade and 1.25 pound heft, you definitely have a substantial piece of weaponry in hand. The form and affordable suggested retail price of $44.99 will make this a big hit for Cold Steel. You can expect to be able to order the Gladius Machete from Cold Steel some time in early Summer. 

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  1. I'm getting this soon as it's available. Very impressive.

  2. This is better than a Bowie for combat.


    Try it,hold it and you'll know it.