Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Camouflage SORD Smock in A-TACS and MultiCam

Jason Falla of Red Back One by Tactical Fan Boy
We have been big fans of SORD products ever since we had seen a recent photo of Jason Falla from Redback One wearing one of their New A-TACS Smocks. 

This particular photo was featured on a review provided by TacticalFanBoy who took part in one of their 2-Day Basic Carbine Course that is making its rounds across the country.
SORD's company history spans over a decade after starting at their home base of Melbourne, Australia back in 2004 as Special Operations Research and Development (S.O.R.D.) Soldier Systems Daily recently reported on their new subsidiary that started stateside with the opening of a SORD USA production facility in Frankfort, Kentucky. The new company will help bring much needed manufacturing and administrative jobs to the area. With this development they also bring a great wealth of knowledge in the custom manufacturing of mil-spec clothing and personal equipment for easy distribution within the United States. 

MultiCam SORD Smock
The new SORD USA facilities will provide us with the opportunity to easily offer their great products to our customers at affordable rates and free shipping within the Continental U.S. We just yesterday added their SORD Smock to our Predator BDU store.  

The smock was designed to provide a camouflage layer large enough to wear over a uniform or other mid-layer products with multiple functions. The MultiCam and A-TACS Camouflage Smocks seen in the photos to the left and right respectively, are made of a durable Mil-Spec Ripstop NYCO with Cordura reinforced forearms, so it can be worn as an outer layer. This is a lot quieter than Gore-Tex without the water repelling ability, and provides great wind resistance. 

The SORD Smock has pockets with large buttons and large zips as fasteners, so they can be opened easily in the cold weather with gloves or numb fingers. It can also be worn over body armor when needed. 

It is a large fitting uniform, very popular with snipers and good for those cold days out field or on the range. Many in the armed forces complain that they never have enough pockets, so this smock was designed with that in mind. As an outer garment there must be plenty of accessible pockets. The smock is at the top in its class in this regard. 

The Tan option at our site gives the best photo representation of the design without concealing key features like the camo does. However, I am thinking the two  options seen here will be of most interest. 

View our Store for full details on the SORD Smock with options in A-TACS, MultiCam, and Tan. We are offering four different sizes for $229.99 with Free Shipping in the Continental US. We look forward to providing more great SORD USA products in the near future. 

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