Monday, May 16, 2011

Camouflage Boonie Hat Innovations from TNT

TNT Boonie Hat
The human head has a very distinctive shape. In order to conceal your noggin with camouflage, it is best to break up the distinct round shape.

Troops have utilized camouflage face pant, netting, twigs and other foliage as well as boonie hats to break of the shape, but this can be a tough one to hide from the human eye when in the field. 

Your standard ghillie boonie covered in garnish can become cumbersome and swampy in humid or just plain hot conditions. True North Tactical (TNT), the offshore subsidiary of the renown London Bridge trading company out of Virginia  Beach has provided a great solution for the camouflage boonie hat. They are the top supplier for the Navy SEALs' tactical equipment. 

TNT was created to cut down on costs of high dollar tactical equipment by manufacturing products in Asia. They are also dedicated to keeping their high quality designs and practices for production of  London Bridge Tactical's product line. However, they are also creating new and innovative products such as the breakthrough TNT Camouflage Boonie Hat

The ultralight TNT Boonie Hat is made of durable polyester mesh and a layer of very thin nylon ripstop material which provide a very breathable fabric for temperate jungle conditions. This also provides for a quick drying time as well. 

The hats were not designed to meet NIR military specifications, so they may not cover you in all needed missions. Another key feature is the nylon fabric only being spot sewn in key places of the hat to provide gaps for air. There are also rough cut slits randomly placed on the hat to give a leaf effect as seen on production line ghillie suits. 

A lot of thought went into the design of the hat despite the simplicity of the added alterations to a standard boonie. However it does a great job in breaking up the shape of a spherical cranium. Added camouflage techniques including face paint and balaclavas will provide additional means for evading a sighting from enemy forces. 

The hat also features an adjustable band to provide a means of fitting the hat to any sized dome. The brim is very small with a width at a tad over 2 inches.

The material is soft, lightweight, and like most boonies can roll up into a little biscuit for easy stow in a pocket. You may need to add additional insulation of you are operating in a colder environment, but it works great as is in summer conditions. 

One of the coolest features is the availability of the TNT Boonie hat in a Desert and Woodland Digital Camouflage that is close to AOR1 and AOR2. The hat is also offered in Universal Camouflage similar to ACU and a transitional camouflage similar to MultiCam. 

We want to thank the guys over at the Polish Tactical and Outdoor Gear Blog for their review of the TNT Boonie hat at Equipped.PL These guys have some of the latest and greatest products coming out of the European tactical market and beyond.

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