Friday, May 13, 2011

Cadre of Camouflage Forces in Afghanistan

Here is a line up showing some of the latest camouflage uniforms all in one space in time. We have covered most of these through various posts, so it is good to see a full line up. Don't know if this was the intention or they just wanted representation from different nations and forces. 

From left to right we have a listing of the camouflage patterns seen on the associated nation's uniform where first represented: 

MultiCam - OCP (US Army), UCP - ACU (US Army), DPDU - Desert (Australia), DPM (Romania), Digital Tiger Stripe - ABU (US Air Force), 3 Color Tropentarn -red beret- (German), Spec4e Forest Digital (Afghanistan), KA2 Desert Digital (Jordan), Multi-Terrain Pattern (UK), DPCU - AUSCAM- Hearts and Bunnies (Australia). 

There is also a great shot of a British Army Commando in an MTP Combat Shirt. The major camouflage design companies represented include Crye Precision and Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp., each offering two different patterns in this shot. 

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