Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boeing's Stealth Unmanned Airborne System Flight Photos

The first images of the Phantom Ray (UAS) were released by Boeing yesterday. Reports of modified Stealth H-60 Blackhawk Helicopters being used to evade Pakistan radar for the Osama Bin Laden Raid, have given further intrigue to new aircraft that can evade detection and allow us to enter any air space that we please. 

This unmanned Stealth Drone was developed as one of the projects under the multi-billion dollar through  the Phantom Works Section of the Defense, Space, & Security Company. Boeing is definitely leading the way to new and ingenious designs to best employ the use of unmanned aircraft for our air defense forces. 

Having the ability to provide air support, an eye in the sky, and many other functions without endangering the lives of pilots or crew, could only lead to better further technological innovation for these systems. You also have thousands of jobs at stake in creating these flying machines from the ground up. 

This flight took off from Edwards Air Force Base in California and was funded by the aerospace company. The drone reached heights of 7,500 feet during the 17 minute test run. This particular airborne system will be capable of surveillance, air strikes, attacks on air defenses, and refueling.

Photos by Boeing
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