Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beez Combat Systems: Cummerbund Equipped Plate Carrier

We have been following Beez Combat Systems (BCS) for a while now and have really liked their Keep it Simple Stupid approach. It is a motto they live by in their designs and it shows with functional equipment that includes great features without being flashy. 

The new BCS Plate Carrier with cumber they have just released shows their dedication to simplicity, while providing plenty of real estate for rows of attachment webbing. The complete front face is covered with strips of webbing, which continues through the cummerbund. There is also 4 points at the armpits for routing any cables or hydration tubing that you don't want flopping about during high performance operations. You also have webbing running up the shoulder pads if you need additional cable routing.

BCS Plate Carrier w/ Cumber
The carrier is equipped for top loading SAPI or Swimmer Cut Armor Plates in the front and rear. There is also additional webbing on the interior of the wide cummerbund to add more protection with side plate pockets. 

BCS has a wide ranging market from Private Security to  Law Enforcement and Military. As such, they offer the BCS Plate Carrier in multiple colors including Coyote, Khaki, Black, Olive Drab, Ranger Green, Universal Camouflage (ACU), and MultiCam as seen here. Customization is possible with 500 or 1000 denier Cordura options as well as 10X12 or 11X14 Plate Pocket Selections. 

Cummerbund View
The best part is the low price point of $199.99. The design has not taken the personal judgement out of the end users preference for pouch or mag holder placement. Sometimes it is nice to  have your say in where your gear will go rather than paying a premium for pre-determined built in pockets or panels. These "fancy design features" may block space for the gear you already have on hand. With the amount of space provided on this plate carrier, you have plenty of individual discretion in this regard. 

If you want more details and ordering info check out  Beez Combat Systems at their BCS Plate Carrier with Cumber page.

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