Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Army Deploying MultiCam A2CU and Aircrew Gear

It was announced today that all three thousand U.S. Army aircrew in Afghanistan will be outfitted in Multicam (OCP) Aircrew Combat Uniforms. In addition to the two piece A2CU flight suits, they will receive gear utilizing a matching camouflage pattern.

It was noted that the uniform transition fell in line with outfitting Afghanistan combat soldiers with the best camouflage possible as was apparent with the Army Combat Uniform being deployed to all ground soldiers in Operation Enduring Freedom. We had previously reported on Apache Pilots wearing the MultiCam A2CU as was expected with such a wide spread use of the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP) and is also shown in the photo below.

Apache Pilots in MultiCam A2CU
Photo from ISAF Media
This photo shows pilots CPT Buono and CWO Kimbrough from Task Force Thunder on hand giving an overview of their AH-64 Apache for the Commander of the Kandahar Air Wing. The Army Times noted that in addition to the MultiCam A2CU, the air crews will receive pouches, survival gear carrier, armor covers, knife sheath, tether, and ammunition pockets in OCP.

It is interesting that they took strides in pointing out the failure of the Universal Camouflage Pattern and the continued effort by the Army to seek out improved camo options. However, this fits perfectly in line with the adoption of MultiCam in the first place, which won out in the previous camouflage competition.

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