Saturday, May 7, 2011

Afghanistan Army, Air Force, and Police Uniforms

We have featured many of the Afghanistan military and police uniforms in previous posts. However, there were some photos released this week that gave a great perspective on the many different camouflage styles utilized by different branches. Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. with their different Spec4ce patterns under the guidance of Guy Cramer, led the way in providing the modern digital camouflage patterns utilized by many of the Afghan troops providing security in Afghanistan.

This photo is a great side by side of Afghan Airmen taking part in rescue training from a downed aircraft. One Airman is wearing the old-school Woodland BDU cammies, while the Airman to the left is wearing the Hyperstealth Spec4e Forest Digital Camouflage pattern. I can't vouch for who makes the gargantuan yellow safety helmets. 

Photo by U.S. Airforce
This shot is another look at the HyperStealth Spec4ce Sierra camouflage as worn by the elite Afghan National Civil Order Police force. We have featured them before in training photos, but this guy is hard at work. They were working hand in hand with Navy SEALs and ANA Commandos in seeking out Taliban combatants as well as improvised explosives in Kandahar Province. This particular policeman is questioning locals concerning Taliban activity in the area.

Photo by Sgt. Daniel P. Shook 
Finally, we have an Afghan National Army Commando that was working on the same detail as the ANCOP policeman above. You have to love the floppy Woodland Boonie Hat and old-style Battle Dress Uniform. This is still clinging to life with the Special Ops forces and it is no surprise that U.S. forces are still utilizing it in conjunction with joint operations. No Navy SEALS were photographed in the series of course, but one has to wonder if they were wearing an AOR Camouflage or if they just stuck with the Wooldland BDU, such as this Commando. 

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