Friday, April 8, 2011

USCG Sniper Team in MultiCam

It seems everyone these days is adopting the MultiCam aka Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern. First you had the US Army, then the Air Force, and now the Coast Guard? Obviously in this case it is just a select few Coasties that are donning the the Afghanistan terrain focused pattern.  The only unit wearing the OCP is the Precision Marksman Observer Team from the Maritime Security Response Team.

Obviously the Camouflage Improvement Solicitation is still on hold or we would give some indication of any alterations to the game plan. It seems interesting that these delays are coinciding with some budget battles over in Congress of which the military budget is a big factor. I could certainly see how development solicitation could take a hit but this is mere speculation on my part.

No indication was given as to a possible need of the Coast Guard services in Afghanistan, but it is an interesting choice for a uniform. Thanks to KitUp! for this great video. 

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