Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TASER® X2™ Promotional Video Released

The Scottsdale, AZ based TASER International has been the Law Enforcement Communities go to manufacturer for Electronic Control Devices and a non-lethal means of protection. They have released their latest promotional video on the TASER X2 ECD pointing out that it is designed for and by LEOs. 

One key feature they point out from the company site is the ability of the probes to spread the electronic pulse along the skin as opposed to penetrating the body to vital organs. This has helped to reduce any major injuries to one-quarter of 1 percent with over 1,000+ test subjects. Below the video, we have provided the full list of features and how this new device will compare against other ECD options. Personally I think an instant upgrade to the X3 with a triple shot would be the way to go.

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