Friday, April 29, 2011

Tactical Gear Magazine Now Free For iPad

You can near download an App for your iPad that allows you instant free access to Tactical Gear Magazine in a digital format. A lot of media is going the free route to draw attention for the sponsors, while some media think it is smart to charge a subcription, such as the Wall Street Journal. I for one like free as long as they are still going to provide the same cutting edge content and the latest breakthroughs in tactical products.

Jim Schlender, the publisher for Tactical Gear Magazine provides a great overview in the video below of the digital tactical magazine as it is seen on an Apple iPad. The usability looks great and I imagine this Application will soon be available on other Pads or Smart Phones. 

After all, once some one sees it is available elsewhere, they will certainly ask when it will come out for their platform, such as Motorola Xoom or Droid Smart Phones. I also like the fact that you can get a better perspective on products, given the ability to move them around to see the ins and outs, which you certainly are not doing in print. 

Click the following link for quick access to download for your own use:
Tactical Gear Mag Digital App

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