Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A-TACS Photos on Desert Mountain in Arizona

I didn't take any urban A-TACS photos this weekend due to the lack of an accompanying photographer. However, I did take my A-TACS pants up the north side of South Mountain in Phoenix, where there are more trees and cactus, in addition to brush and different rock conditions. I also thought some close up shots would be of interest. I still don't have a coat as we are shipping them all out due to high demand.

I had to be a little crafty as I was not wearing the pants, since I had to take the photos myself. Luckily, cactus, trees, and bushes make themselves out to be great displays for the pants, in comparison with the surrounding Desert/Mountain scenery. I also thought the green elements would be interesting to incorporate, since most photos seen thus far are in more grey and tan surroundings.

Using the items I had to work with, this hitching post made a great rod to hang the pants for a good camo fabric shot with a rocky background. Many people climb these mountains on horseback and have a more designed functional use for these. This is a very close shot.

A-TACS Pants on Hitching Post
Working my way up the mountain I had a quick glance around for a good combination of brush, which is in pretty short supply on a very arid and rocky surface like this. The image below has a happy little bush in the center of the shot that I draped the pants over. The pants are definitely covering up the greens in the bush it is covering, but blends in well with the surrounding rocky environment.

A-TACS Pants on Bush

Here is a truly in the brush close up shot of the ATACS pants lounging in a bush. This gives a good image of the pants in a separated state where they are not on the ground or covering the greens of the brush. It also shows off the shadowing ability as incoming sunlight is blocked from the foliage. Obviously not your typical position for laying in wait, but the same concept transfers over to other situations. 

A-TACS ACU Pants in the Brush

One of most helpful subjects for display purposes was the cactus in this shot. It held the pants up nicely with its prickers and did not complain while I took my time with the photos. It also gives a good example of a standing position at the normal length. If anything the pants are stretched out to show more fabric in this position then when worn on a pair of legs. The only other difference is most people wouldn't have a cactus stuck in their rear end while having their picture taken. 

A-TACS Pants in Standing Position

Here is a close up shot of the same cactus for comparison sake. This gives a simple overall view of the pants and the pattern. Don't know that you can garner much from effectiveness, but the surrounding colors for this environment and shadowing play in well.

A-TACS Pants on Cactus Display

This was one of the more impressive photos of the Advanced Tactical Concealment System camouflage at work. The rock and dirt aggregate make for a perfect environment for this type of arid/urban pattern. It is also gives a good impression as to a person laying in wait along a dirt trail. Perhaps uncomfortable without kneepads and gear, but this close shot shows its ability to blend into a typical Arizona Mountain Desert Scene. Anyone traveling through Central and Southern Arizona will know that mountains like these dot the desert land scape, along with their strewn rock as seen here. 

A-TACS ACU Pants on Desert Trail

And now for the piece de resistance. This is a close shot of the A-TACS Pants laying across a Palo Verde branch. This is about as green as it gets in the Arizona desert as the color is represented in the branches and the foliage. Hell, the Spanish put the color in its name for this very reason.

The pants are located in the middle of the photo lying on the big branch pointing to the right. While the A-TACS pattern does include a good amount of green, the shadowing is one of the major factors at play in this photo. The multiple branches veering off in all directions block the sunlight perfectly to provide a good shading that matches in with the camouflage pattern on the ACU pants. 

A-TACS in Green Palo Verde Scene

I am still planning some urban test shots once I have a photographer at my disposal, so that I can wear the pants, and possibly coat or hat if we can keep enough in stock. It is already getting into the 90's on some days, so it is great getting outdoors. Woodland shots will be of interest too if for mere examples, even though the camouflage is not intended for this environment. This will require a two hour trip up North, which will be fine for the 120 degree Summer months. 

If readers have some photos of their A-TACS ACU in action, feel free to send them my way to: jsmith at predatorintel dot com, and I will gladly put them up if they are deemed appropriate. Photos of your girlfriend in the uniform sans blouse will be put on our office wall. We are continuously receiving new production lines of coats and pants in differing sizes as they are moving fast. More popular sizes should be ordered in advance to ensure stock is available. Boonie Hats in A-TACS will be available again soon as they sold out quick during pre-orders. 

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