Friday, April 1, 2011

Roggenwolf Urban Camouflage Uniform: No Solicitation Needed

Warg Urban 5PL Uniform
We found the latest Roggenwolf Urban Camo Uniform photos from the guys over at the Polish Military Clothing manufacturer SPECOPS. They are touting this camouflage pattern as the Warg Urban 5PL. Perhaps we get can some further details shortly, but I figured we needed some good news today, since the Army Camouflage Improvement Solicitation was further delayed. 

This pattern was originally listed in the Warg Family of Patterns as the Timberwolf utilizing the Woodland Colorway. Its lack of the color green can perhaps explain why SPECOPS touts it as an urban variant. 

The founder of Roggenwolf, Brad Turner notes on the Roggenwolf site that the colors were derived by analyzing different wolf colorations in comparison with thirty one woodland colors from eleven different regions around the world. The man definitely knows how to determine an interesting color scheme.

Urban Warg Uniform Rear
You could say this is outside the realm of the woodland, desert, and transitional options that the U.S. Army are looking for in their supposed solicitation that they are hiding from us. However, wooded areas don't always have to be lush green forests. An urban take on the pattern is a fair assessment and perhaps this is just one more variant that the Polish Army needs for the Future Soldier Project. 

We are still waiting to see some of the latest changes for the Tiwaz Family of Patterns, which Roggenwolf is to submit to the U.S. Army for the Camouflage Improvement Solicitation if the opportunity ever presents itself.

However, Roggenwolf has provided us with the previously un-released Warg Intermediate camouflage variant called 5U-PL at the bottom of the post. This camouflage can be utilized on a uniform as well as Personal Equipment and OCIE. Mr. Turner, founder of Roggenwolf points out that this intermediate camouflage pattern can be utilized in multiple terrains including desert and woodland environments.

Roggenwolf Warg 5U-PL - Intermediate Variant

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