Thursday, April 28, 2011

Roggenwolf Consolidates Tiwaz Camouflage Family of Patterns

With the recent developments in the U.S. Army's Camouflage Improvement Effort Solicitation being delayed, and the submission date being extended, the camouflage design companies have been given more time to consider the best patterns to submit for the requested criteria. 

We have discussed the Roggenwolf camouflage design company at lengths and have displayed many of their latest designs. The founder of the company, Brad Turner has provided us with his latest family of patterns known as Tiwaz, which have been optimized to only include three patterns instead of four. One of the stipulations of the solicitation was to provide a pattern for the PPE/OCIE submission. This could be a completely separate pattern than the three submitted for the uniform camouflage or it could be one of the three patterns to be used in conjunction with all three uniforms.

Initially, Mr. Turner was all for providing a separate pattern submission for the Personal Equipment, but after consideration and a reworking of transitional pattern colourway, he has found an ideal way to best incorporate a transitional regions submission for both the uniform and for the PPE/OCIE camouflage. We have provided the latest incarnation of the Tiwaz family of patterns to be used for submission to the U.S. Army camouflage improvement effort. View our previous post for the the original four Tiwaz patterns composite.

Tiwaz Family of Pattern Composite Specimen: Provided by Roggenwolf
From Left to Right: Tiwaz alpha/m6 (Desert); Tiwaz alpha/m6 + (Transitional); Tiwaz alpha/m6 + (Woodland)

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