Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Petraeus and Panetta Poised for Presidency

Photo by ISAF Media
It was just reported today that President Obama would soon be moving Leon Panetta from his chair as CIA Director to replace Robert Gates as the Secretary of Defense. Reuters also had the scoop that Gen. Petraeus would replace Panetta as head of the CIA. 

The article noted that a power move of such magnitude may have been made to anoint Gen. Petraeus with a prized position in order to appease him from running against the President in the 2012 election. This could make perfect sense, however whom better to run the CIA than a man that commanded both the Iraq and Afghanistan war.

At any rate I think this new title at the top of Petraeus' or Panetta's resume gives them an amazing track record to run for President. Who knows, they may just join forces for a Super Ticket come 2016. President George H.W. Bush was director of the CIA for one year in the 70's. President Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander and the first Supreme Commander of NATO before becoming President. General Petraeus would have all three of these tiles under his belt.

Director Panetta would be doubling up with the Secretary of Defense title, which also covers the top positions on the Resume for Sec. Gates. Where they fall along party lines will definitely be the dividing line in the possibility of any Power Power play for the Presidency for this pair.

Full article at: Reuters

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