Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MultiCam A2CU On 101st AirBorne Apache Pilot

Saw this great shot of the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform in MultiCam on an Apache helicopter pilot from the 101st Airborne just this morning. It is my first time seeing the A2CU in the OEF Pattern. At first glance I figured it was just another ACU, but then the velcro cinch at the waist gave it away as a flight suit. 

A major functional differential is the Nomex material which comprises around 90% of the suits fabric as well as 5% Kevlar. This is highly flame resistant and protects helicopter pilots from burn injuries. It also incorporates fibers that combats static, which can be problematic around jet fuel. One can assume the regulations of dress are the same as the A2CU in UCP. However, I am not sure if the new aviation suit in MultiCam includes additional features. 

We don't typically get into gender, but it was cool to see a lady soldier fielding this aviation suit. This is especially the case here when she is the Commander of Company B, 3rd Battalion that is an immediate response force in destroying enemy combatants. It is noted that Capt. Buono is showing the Afghan Air Force Major General that commands the Kandahar Air Wing, around her flight controls of the AH-64 Apache. He happens to be wearing the Afghan Forest Digital Camouflage Uniform. 

Now the question present itself, will the Air Force pilots start wearing a A2CU in OEF? All other Airmen are adopting the MultiCam ACU. However, they may just come up with their own MultiCam flight Suits. 

Photo by US Army
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