Monday, April 4, 2011

Helmet Protects Against High Powered Rifle Fire

Bourque Industries out of Tucson, AZ was featured in our local Phoenix news for its new helmet that can withstand a bullet fired from a high powered assault rifle. It features the new metal alloy with the Kryon moniker. I had seen this news cast last night and couldn't hit the Tivo button fast enough, so luckily it was on their news page today. A great demonstration of the helmet's protective properties are shown in the video. The helmet also features a MultiCam cover, so we can see where this Press release is aimed.

This can certainly be a great thing for our troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and abroad if the helmet holds up, as well as they say and show it does. Bourque points out on their company website that the metal alloy they created is 10-30 times lighter and stronger than other ballistic metals that it intends to replace. The alloy also has a low heat and electric conductivity, so they are definitely trying to cover all the basis in protection from elements, and other aspects where metals can be a hindrance to full protection.

I am excited to see some innovation coming out of the desert and bringing in much needed jobs to our state. We certainly are lucky to have chaps like John Bourque leading the way to create these jobs. This will also be great for local police forces who will without doubt be the first to be provided with this new protection system.

With proven success and Sheriff Joe's marketing prowess, these can be on the head of every law enforcement agent in no time. What I cannot figure out is why you would want to have a molten metal manufacturing operation in the middle of the 120 degree Arizona Desert.

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