Saturday, April 9, 2011

Commander Gen. Petraeus Wears MultiCam ACU

It looks like the Operation Enduring Freedom Combat Pattern (OCP), trademarked as MultiCam, has made its way up the chain of command and found its place on the head of the Commander of NATO and ISAF Forces in Afghanistan. General Petraeus is typically seen in the original Universal Camouflage Army Combat Uniform, which as become synonymous with the ACU when referring to the camo. 

Photo by U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Joshua Treadwell
I think this is an important transition photo if the camo sticks. It certainly should remain his "everyday" uniform through the remainder of his current command. With the Commander wearing the MultiCam ACU, he is providing a cohesive symbol with US Army and now the Air Force whom have donned the OCP camouflage, during their operations in Afghanistan. 

Other nations including Australian and British forces will now utilize the camouflage pattern exclusively in OEF Afghanistan, with the latter wearing the similar Multi-Terrain Pattern. Special Forces from other nations also have been seen wearing MultiCam uniforms, but these three nations make up the majority of troops operating in Afghanistan. 

He wore the uniform at an event giving a farewell to the current NATO Civilan Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mark Sedwell. No information was given to his new camouflage uniform having any significance for the event. General Petraeus is in the full uniform of course, but this was the best shot, especially when you consider the close up of the 4 stars on an OCP patrol cap. 

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