Monday, April 11, 2011

Body Armor Boon from Federal Police Policy

Photo by Kyle Lease
In what could be a huge increase in sales to tactical gear manufacturers. The federal government is expected to withhold funding from city and state police forces if they do not upgrade their policies to provide body armor for their law enforcement officers. Police One has reported that the nations top cop Eric Holder has passed down the edict that if you want fed funds, you better protect your officers with bullet proof vests. 

While many forces already follow this policy, many are flustered at the idea that the federal government is providing judgment on how they should run their house. It is definitely a no-brainer in these cash strapped times for regional police departments to take the money in exchange for some big brother oversight, and also a move that will protect their officers.

It is noted in the article that police targeted violence is running high and it is certainly not uncommon to hear regular reports of officers all over the nation being attacked. I certainly could understand a complaint if Uncle Sam pushed the issue without passing along the needed funding. Lets just hope that local police forces continue to make individual judgements based on the needs of the community and not a cookie cutter world view of policing. There are certainly different strokes for different folks, when different crimes need individual attention, especially when comparing Podunk with Metroland.

Who I am sure is in certain agreement with this policy are the body armor manufacturers around the country. This will certainly bolster their sales reports and increase business in tough times. These aspects are certainly a plus for any additional employees and a boost to the industry's economy as the funds flow through the supply chain.

What is of most interest will be if the fund will make it to where they need to be, and that efficiency is considered in this new game plan. As we all know, the government is a well oiled machine that roars with unequaled force, or perhaps I am thinking of a Harley, hmmm.

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