Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st Rename: "I don't believe anything you tell me day"

Photo by US Army
Don't provide any great revelations on April 1st as I am not going to believe it till you show me in person that it is true. No video, picture, or convincing is go to persuade this guy that your Aunt Kim is now Uncle Tim. I will request a view of the nether bits for verification.

Also, an April fools joke does not count if you started days or weeks earlier and then reveal the lie on April 1st. This is really just a long drawn out fraud and you should be arrested for not knowing how to pull a prank. 

Long rant withstanding, if the Army Contracting Command releases some zany particulars to today's supposed Camouflage Solicitation, then I call B.S. However, I would expect a strong dose of redundancy to what we already have heard. Also, in regard to the Stetson Press Release today, I hope the new Solicitation does not include a quote from an Army Officer,such as, "If you ain't Cav, you ain't ought to be wearing a Cav Hat. That just ain't right." 

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