Tuesday, March 22, 2011

U.S. Army Upgrading Duffel Bag in 2013

Photo by Matthew Freeman 
New details were released on the duffel bag that the Army has in the works, to provide Soldiers with a better sack to carry their clothing.  One of the more professional aspects is a velcro swatch to place a name tape. This is a good carry over from the uniform and certainly makes sense over some sloppy paint work.

Another ingenious addition is a zipper on both sides of the bag. Never even thought of it, but makes perfect sense if you are looking for something at the bottom of the bag and you don't want to pull everything out. 

Soldiers will also have a 30% increase in the towel that will be provided, for some better drying coverage. My favorite part of the Army Times article states that the new towel increases the cost by the same amount as the new washcloth decreases it, resulting in a wash. Oh boy, those guys sure know how to crack up an avid reader.

They also note that the Army is looking into some moisture wicking PT clothes which would certainly bring the athletic wear  to 21st Century standards. There were plenty of more great puns with laughter had by all. I guess it is tough making sack specs interesting. 

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  1. Velcro name tapes will regularly be lost.
    Double openings will require an additional lock to secure belongings.
    The use of zippers simply increase the likely failure points.
    So, we have increased costs to soldiers (locks & lost name tapes). Plus, increased manufacture, thus, procurement and replacement costs