Saturday, March 5, 2011

U.S. Army Special Forces Wearing Woodland Camouflage

We had reported back in December that some USMC Special Ops would be reverting back to the standard Non-Digital Woodland Camouflage of olden days. Now it seems the Army Special Forces are also joining suit in wearing the camo of BDU past. This U.S. Army Commando is patrolling near a small village in the  Kandahar Province of Afghanistan.

Given this arid shot and no further information it is hard to determine why this Soldier is wearing Woodland rather than MultiCam or the standard UCP, but one can speculate that he is working with the Afghan National Army in bringing security to the area. Many photos coming out of OEF are showing the ANA still wearing their US Woodland cammies, typically in combination with their newer Forest Digital Camouflage. Given a wider range of discretion in uniform choice, perhaps it is a choice made by this Special Operations Task Force. 

Photo by US Army

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