Monday, March 28, 2011

A-TACS Camouflage Desert Photo Shots

We went out to the desert just outside the Phoenix city limits for some Desert shots of the A-TACS pants we got in. Been meaning to do so for some time, but fulfilling all orders on the new ACU and following up with customers has taken priority.  Needless to say we are clearing out inventory pretty fast.

I thought it would be interesting to see the actual clothing with the A-TACS pattern in a real life desert environment and at wider ranges. I feel the field test images I have seen best represents the value of the camouflage's concealment properties and ultimate use.

We had some greenery due to recent rains, but it was still very arid on this rocky hill side just south of Phoenix. Ever since I saw the first A-TACS pattern and color scheme I thought it would fit right in with the Arizona desert landscape. This first shot below is just a mid-range shot approximately 25 yards out. I felt the concealment was pretty impressive. 

I am wearing a black shirt and black boots, so the only true camouflaged garment shown in these photos will be the pants. I think this really helped on the reveal photos, so you can easily see my position prior to laying down in the rocks and dirt. 

A-TACS ACU Pants Field Shot

Here is the first hide shot in the middle of the photo. I tried to put my upper torso behind a cactus cluster along with my boots behind a bush on the opposite side, but it was not always possible to get the right angle or same distance between these objects without blocking the pants. Also had some fun sticking my hand into fallen jumping cactus spears. 

A-TACS Pants in Desert Hide Position #1 Image

Here is the reveal with my rear in the air as I got up or was laying down, don't know exactly at which point this shot was taken. You may need to get the middle of both photos in the same screen to see the reveal. Just look for a black dot to appear in the middle above a bush. 

A-TACS Pants in Desert Partial Reveal Image

Here is a full reveal with me standing about wear my boots would have been during the hide photo. My upper torso would be laying behind the bus to your left of my standing position. We didn't bother taking any measurements but just off estimate I was probably half a football field (50 yards) from the person taking the picture. 

A-TACS ACU Full Reveal Field Shot #1

Here is another hide and reveal sequence from a different angle. However I am not too much further up the hill, just have some different coverage from the surrounding items. I also made sure to hide behind bushes only this time to avoid the cactus spears. Again, I am in about the center of the frame. The photographer who has no big interest in camouflage noted that if she had looked away from where I had laid and then looked back, she may have had a hard time finding my position again for the shot. 

ATACS Desert Test Hide #2

This may not be an easy reveal to pinpoint but should be simple if you put the center of each photo in the same shot. Just look for a black dot to come into view as you switch from reveal to hide.  I am in a close to sitting position as I was getting up from the hide position. 

ATACS Desert Test Reveal #2
After reviewing the photos from my computer I think the concealment was pretty darn good. Granted this was not a professional photo shoot and we definitely were not trying to complete a scientific study. Yes we are biased as we sell the A-TACS ACU, but no photo trickery or photo shopping took place on these images. 

If anything it was just a great reason to enjoy the weather we are now having as it warms up in Phoenix. We also didn't aim to compare with MultiCam, or Desert MARPAT, which may be a good future project. We hope to get some urban shots next weekend, where we take photos from different distances around Phoenix. 

Digital Concealment Systems has noted that they have created this pattern to meet the needs of Law Enforcement and Special Forces in an Arid or Urban environment. We are just lucky that Phoenix fits the bill for both of these. 

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