Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Survival Preparedness Basics: Advanced Food Preservation

In the event that the food supply chain breaks down it may be necessary to preserve your own food that you have on hand if it is not already canned. This is of course with the added complication of not having an energy source in which to run a refrigeration unit of any kind. We previously discussed the yummy art of curing pork, but this text provided below goes into great detail on methods, supplies, and tools needed in which to preserve a wide variety of foods. 

I found this particularly interesting as it is a sub-course given at the U.S. Army Medical Department School at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. There is also a test provided at the end in which you can self evaluate your knowledge. I assume if you can properly answer the questions in the test by referring to the text, then you will be one step closer to being prepared for a major catastrophe, where help is not coming any time soon. 

The details considering the different microbes that are good and bad is very interesting. Knowing how to protect against the bad and use the good to your advantage can really help in storing food for the long haul. Perhaps you have graduated from school 20 years ago and you don't want to bore yourself with reading, however this may be a useful resource to keep on hand as a quick reference guide. 
Preservation of Foods

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