Thursday, March 10, 2011

Steven Seagal in Multicam Uniform Raids Cockfighting Ring

Yesterday our beloved Sheriff Joe with ubiquitous film crew in tow was featured in the local news with Steven Seagal decked out in MultiCam. They were on the scene to bust a suspected cock fighting ring. 

The SWAT team had a warrant to search the home of the suspect who has priors with the same offense. Clearly it was in the best interest of our community to have an A&E film crew taping, "Steven Seagal Lawman" with our well known Sheriff at his side. You never know when a stray rooster with knife wielding spurs breaks loose from the grasps of our well respected tactical officers and goes on the attack.

The Maricopa County's armored personnel carrier was on the scene with Mr. Seagal in the tranquil farming community of Laveen, AZ. We are so lucky to have the Aikido master and film start as an official deputy of our county police force to share his expertise in multiple subjects including expert acting skills. The local AZCentral news should be much more interesting given his presence in the Valley of the Sun. 

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  1. Hmm...SWAT Team, armored car...daylight arrest of a single chicken breeder/trainer...seems like a bit of overkill. You would think an SPCA Enforcement Officer and Deputy Sheriff could have handled it without all the spectacle.