Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rambo to Launch Clothing Line: Sly Inc.

Photo by Nicolas Genin
It was reported this week in an article by Men's Week that Sylvester Stallone will be launching his own brand of clothing bearing his celeb status and namesake. Marketed as a cross between Rambo and Rocky it is expected to be a manly affair. However, it is supposed to be released in mid-range department stores like Macy's so it is hard to put a finger on what to expect. 

Obviously one can hope for some some camouflage related items given its appeal in the fashion industry as of late, but where does Rocky fit in? I guess Rocky was good dresser as he gained some cash from major prize bouts, but from what I remember he was a bit of a Philly slouch prior to that. Perhaps he will combine the two and have some camo hoodies and sweat pants or possibly some old school tiger stripe boxing shorts. 


  1. This action is nothing new. I went through this drill several times while I was stationed in Italy (99-02).
    During PT it seemed the most foolish. The base was rather small, so running through the local streets was the norm. We would restrict groups to 2-3 (as opposed to the usual squad max). Yet, were still required to wear our reflective belts with civy running gear.
    It was always a challenge to stand there with a straight face, and justify these actions, while every one had big white "AFI" license plates on their vehicles.

  2. I assume it was not the Rocky article that was of interest :). I can certainly see a cause for alarm, but Italy, really?

  3. Yeah, I obviously screwed up. Italy bases actually saw a great deal of protests and intel identified threats during the period due to US actions in the Balkans. A lot of people have forgotten about that period.